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Love Bcome meaningful when 2 heart breath 2gether as one,when 2 mind think in 1 direction,when 2 soul live like 1 life,when 2 mouth laughs & cries 2gether.when 4 eyes sleep & dreams 2gether.

(by Mukaila agoro at 12/10/2008)

I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.

(by ben at 29/01/2010)

I have opened an emotional account 4u in my hrt swtie, deposite there ur luv and u wil earn all the intrests as long as am alive

(by Isaac Taremwa at 24/09/2008)

Have invested to see u in season nd out of season.

Whether its sunning or raining,

i wish u could be there as ...







U re my all..Aramide

(by Olusegun Adewumi at 30/08/2008)

Every teardrop is precious so better make sure that if you drop some, its worth crying for cause you can never pick them and put them back to your eyes.

(by gunjeshkumar at 27/09/2011)

You are the love of my life, you have my heart, my body and my soul. I close my eyes to feel you near, to smell you, taste you and touch you, i think of you every minute, and miss you every second..

(by shiny at 15/05/2009)

Night and day all you can think about is her, you're constantly thinking about the times you've had with her and all those jokes or conversations you've had with.. all those times your hand just slightly touched hers.

(by ginny at 31/03/2009)

I love you. i love every little thing about you - your sexy smile, the sound of your voice, the magic in your eyes. i love your gentle touch and the warmth i feel at your side, i love dreaming about you. i love discovering you and letting go with you. i love each and every once in a lifetime moments i share with you today, tomorrow, forever <3

(by laura at 03/10/2011)

Whenever u wake up and c a smile on ur face then it means am thinking about you

(by alfred nana-essiljoe at 09/10/2011)

All i need is ur love to make my day as beautiful as ur smile..

(by louis at 22/03/2010)