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If u can't love yourself... how the hell do expect anyone else to love u... stand up and be a man!!!

(by johnny at 12/09/2011)

U say u luv me & want 2 hold me tight.those words run thru my head day & nite.i dreamt u held me & made me see dat 4ever together we wood be!

(by me at 16/12/2008)

We both know that our feelings is mutual and yet it's still not our time.. should i let you go for good? or wait for our time?

(by marie at 28/10/2010)

I still love you babe i always think of you please give me a chance to prove my love

(by yinusa at 22/06/2011)

Tears are not coming;
You are inside my eyes;
I will not let you go out;
Will close my eyes forever.

(by Siri at 13/07/2009)

What is meant by love? luv is understanding, it is the right choice at the right place at the is natural,it comes itself.don't force to love or to be loved.

(by destiny at 19/08/2010)

If god grants me a second chance at rebirth, but with only one wish, i'd go searchin' for you all over again

(by chatman sieben at 21/07/2010)

People say that love is in every corner... I must be walking in circles. :)

(by ali at 10/08/2009)

Making a million friend is not a miracle the miracle is to make a friend who'll stand by you when million are against you. Yemisi thanks for being there for me all this while. I promise to love you the more. To ALEBIOSU YEMISI.

(by Dairo gbenga at 08/09/2008)

Basically, i love you, so so much. forever and ever. nothing and no one can change that.

(by unknown at 05/03/2012)