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Love Messages

Wen i look @ ur eyes,i see ur true self. i see ur sweet and caring. i see ur giving and forgiving,i see ur love for me.

(by lucent jackson at 15/01/2012)

Kevin u don't know how much my heart love u. i am just restless without u. i just love u a dam lot. my love for you has come to the point of madness...

(by naz at 10/09/2008)

Hi sweetie ope you monini is fine for me am okay just mad! my love for you kills even after we met last evening coz you hold the password to ma heart thx you good day

(by ogwal tonny at 19/05/2011)

A small heart indeed, but filled with joy and love towards you. i will watch you and take care of you as you dream, and in your ear i will whisper the words "i love you.."

(by sandie at 30/10/2010)

My heart is beating ever so weakly.. it needs recharging!! i want to see you!!

(by zelda at 21/02/2010)

Love is like a golden chain that links our hearts together and if you ever break that chain youll break my heart 4ever!

(by amy at 30/01/2009)

Love is being with u alone holding u in my arms whispering words of love in ur ears kissing u softly nd deep

(by lamia at 21/04/2010)

Never allow Love to blind because once u fall its actually hard to get back to your senses!

(by Pnqojela at 07/10/2009)

I love u so much. life without u is like life without air to breath.

(by stella at 29/08/2009)

U may not miss me, u may ignore me, u may even 4get me.But 1 day if u want 2 see me no need 2 search,Just C ur shadow i will b there always wid u.

(by pragati at 24/05/2009)