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May you begin this day with a smile on your face, and with happiness for your soul to embrace. Good Morning my love..

(by deepa at 09/01/2010)

A friend gives hope wen life is low.a friend is a place where you can go.a friend is honest-

a friend is true.a friend is precious.a friend is u!

(by lucas at 26/07/2011)

After so many years, I love you more today than the day I fell in love with you. The world could use more guys like you

(by sandra at 19/12/2009)

My love it's so hard when you are far away and i know that you need me, i wish if i was your bead, your pillow underneath your head,your blanket that keep you warm at night, i wanna be around you, i wanna hold u tight, and b the lucky person who kisses u good night

(by jasmin at 15/11/2010)

Sometimes its hard to show just how much you love someone, and to show it in words is just a small way of showing how much you love this person.

the best feeling is waking up and the first thought of the day is you, the same thought i went to bed with the night before.

what made me this lucky, what did i do right to have met this person who makes me happy, who makes me smile even if its the worst day ever.

everyday i say thank you, im so grateful for every moment we spend together, every thing we do, everytime you say something that gives me that feeling of a bunch of small people doing starjumps in me….

im all yoursm nothing will ever change that, no one could ever take me away from you, no one could love me the way you do.

i love you for who you are, your personality your smile, your laugh….

will always love you, always have and always will.

(by juan at 12/12/2011)

Life without u is worthless,luvin u could take my life but when i know that u are what that sacrifice,i keep on luvin u d more

(by DAVID KOSIN at 23/12/2008)

Love is when you find someone who is your best friend and you can be yourself around them. Its when words can’t come close to how you feel. Its when you know you are suposed to be together. And if you have to wait forever... You Will.

(by laura at 27/10/2008)

Sweetheart! you are my dream come true, in the whole world, you are the only one i cherish most, the only one with whom i want to share the rest of my life,joy,sorrow and accomplishment.

(by deji at 15/09/2010)

Love is start with attraction, grow with blind believe, give enjoy by devoted touch & nothing end from memories.

(by sunil at 15/01/2009)

Every breath i take is meant for you,

i live this life surrounded in joy

and i bathe in the promise of your love,

my soul belongs to you.

(by unknown at 25/07/2012)