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Ma hrt,luvn u hav made me go happiness will b at its climax wen i die wit u or u wit me remember! we promised 2 continue our journey of bond(luv) in our new world.our luv was meant 2 last nt lust,it isn't a earthly luv but ternal 1.luv u.

(by tess at 08/10/2010)

I had your love I had it all
I'm grateful for each day you gave me
Maybe I don't know that much
But I know this much is true

(by janice at 03/10/2009)

If god grants me a second chance at rebirth, but with only one wish, i'd go searchin' for you all over again

(by chatman sieben at 21/07/2010)

I know u will go away very soon... just 1 month left then u'll be wid d angels ... just teach me how 2 live widout u b4 u go...

bcoz i dont know how 2..i dont remember how i lived b4 u came..

(by shiza at 13/12/2010)

What is meant by love? luv is understanding, it is the right choice at the right place at the is natural,it comes itself.don't force to love or to be loved.

(by destiny at 19/08/2010)

Saying gud nite is not puting an end to a day, it away of saying i remember u b4 i go to sleep. hope u fill d care dat gos wit it

(by hapiboy at 12/06/2010)

There was an head count of an angel in heaven, pandemonium strucked discovering that an angel is missing,please cal heaven that u are save wit me.These goes to my beautiful angel Elizabeth.

(by Seedorf at 20/02/2009)

Today i found a friend.

who knew everything i felt.

she knew my every weakness.

and the problem i've been felt

(by shandukani at 19/11/2010)

I believe dreams come true, because i have always dreamed of someone like you.i believe in love at my first sight because it just felt so right when i saw you that every first day

(by albert at 29/12/2011)

Hello my love how are you doing, hope by the grace of god you are doing great i just want you to trust me!

‘i trust you’ is a better compliment than ‘i love you’

because you may not always trust the person you love

but you can always love the person you trust.

(by adamu at 26/08/2012)