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One girl like you is enough 2 live for the whole life. but, one life is not enough 2 live with a girl like you...

(by jade at 06/07/2011)

I realized my love is growing and growing all the time,remember there is someone in this life who keeps you in her mind all the time

(by rhona at 07/05/2009)

Today i wrote a song,

as perfect as our love,

and i know in my heart,

you could feel deep inside,

the song in your head,

the melody in your hears,

a gentle kiss in your lips,

and the words in your heart.

(by alexis at 25/11/2010)

You are the only person that comes to my heart anytime i think anytime i see it seems i have never see your love before.give me an opportunity let me show it before you leave me.

(by iceluck at 23/03/2012)

You are cool just like the MOON,

you've got the tool to light up a ROOM,

a smile that can turn any guy into a FOOL,

nice shapes and curve that makes my heart goes BOOM,

and without you my life DOOM.

So tell me why wont i become a FOOL for u to be my BOO.

I Luv U and i will forever DO.

(by Demo at 10/08/2008)

Love is when you find someone who is your best friend and you can be yourself around them. Its when words can’t come close to how you feel. Its when you know you are suposed to be together. And if you have to wait forever... You Will.

(by laura at 27/10/2008)

The times we shared are like shooting stars..

short but really beautiful moments...

(by annie at 25/08/2012)

As u knw dat no mater hw mch rain fall on a leapard it colourful skin can neva change,so my luv 4 u wil neva fade bcos u're irrplaceable toyin i luv u more dam word can say 4m fm

(by Phemmy at 10/10/2008)

I just want to let you know. Since we have been together you have made me a better and happier person.. Your my angel baby. I LOVE YOU!

(by Liv at 11/05/2009)

Do you know that you're nice, you're sweet, you're thought of day by day, you're special, and you're kind, but there's one thing wrong about you.. you're not mine!

(by Kingsley at 16/06/2009)