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Love Messages

Love is the grace for the expression of passion.

(by Celex at 30/08/2009)

No wealth, No gold or precious stone can compare the value of you in my heart, not even my life....

(by princejoseph at 16/09/2009)

My heart is always with you,i don't forgot you and your action when i was with you and now,i am yours love is great mirror and you are the only parson that come to my heart anytime i think anytime i see it seems i have never see your love before i am happy to meet with you and thank you

(by daginet at 20/06/2012)

If you want to find true love you must accept the reality that even the man, who love you the most can make you cry in his own ways. Remember nobody's perfect so you must accept nor love him in spite of his imperfections.

(by donna lyn at 01/07/2009)

Thanx for love me thanx for come with me thnx for give me lots of love i love u ever n ever

(by vicky at 23/12/2011)

I will do anything you ever ask, so long as you promise to never leave me.

without you, my heart would seem empty and useless. i need you, want you, and love you, and will as long as i live and beyond. thank you for changing me, for making me the proudest man alive to have you. i love you….

(by lil kay at 06/03/2011)

Basically, i love you, so so much. forever and ever. nothing and no one can change that.

(by unknown at 05/03/2012)

My sleep is full of you,...waking up,with my thought of you, listen, i ll do you right never make you cry,treat you with care

(by adebayo oluwatosin at 13/03/2011)

You are my passion, my life, my love. without you i would have no reason to live

(by tenny at 07/09/2012)

I belong to you. i know because i feel complete when you're around.

(by marie at 15/09/2012)