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Heyy! baby know what love is an attepmt to transform a small part of a dreamland into reality! let's make that reality together!!!

(by alfalistic at 21/09/2011)

You made me the most happiest man on earth by consenting to be my wife. I love you.

(by bala at 25/04/2010)

I still love you babe i always think of you please give me a chance to prove my love

(by yinusa at 22/06/2011)

The touch of your hand against my skin.

brings to my face a lustful grin.

the thought of all the things we'll do.

your deepest desire will of course come true.

your arms will once again hold me.

and i will beg so passionately.

for you to never let me go.

and we will rock gently to and fro.

your lips will touch mine and i will quiver.

for my desire will make you shiver.

i doubt we'll make it through the night.

without some squeals of pure delight.

(by mr holonis rob at 08/01/2011)

I will write it on a million stones how much i love you

(by kunle at 19/11/2011)

Life with you is wonderful
It's for me a dream come true

(by maria at 05/12/2009)

Every single second my luv for yh increases.. the way u smile, the way u make me smile, everything of ur own makes mi heart beat for you...

(by unknown at 26/11/2010)

A smile is a language even a baby cost nothing but it creates much it happens in a flash bt the memory of it may last 4ever

(by arnold sibanyoni at 06/08/2011)

I love you as a person. not as a boyfriend. not as a friend. as i person. and it means i think you’re amazing, the best person i know

(by mel at 13/03/2012)

I love you.. you have no idea how much i wanted to feel your touch on my skin, your lips on mine and your arms around and giving me the warmth of your love

(by kulasa at 22/09/2009)