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Love Messages

I love so much my heart is sure,
As time goes on I love you more,
Your happy smile,Your loving face
No one will ever take your place

(by Kranthi Reddy at 02/04/2010)

Whenever thought gets to me

i always ask myself

what i'm gonna do with or without u

(by catrose at 10/03/2011)

When u think of me, i can feel ur words.
Coz it's out hearts talking 2 each other, not our lips.

(by tayiboo at 25/03/2010)

The sound of your voice is music to my ear

so soft, sweet, and clear

the kiss from your lips words can not explain

it takes away my worries and my pain

the caress of your hand sends shivers down my spine

everyday i thank god that your mine.

the sight of your lovely face takes away all my fears

you're the one i want to love through out the years

for an eternity i want to spend in your arms

everyday graced by your beauty and your charms.

(by reborn_geelove at 19/12/2011)

There is only 3 things i love on earth, dus 1. the sun. 2. the moon. 3. you. the sun is for the day, the moon is for the night and you is for ever. you the still queen of my heart.

(by oteng bentil bernard at 22/06/2012)

There is this special felling which i feel and i know it is love. there is something in the core of your voice that i now hear your voice in every sound and i know it is love. i love you for life

(by wisdom at 02/07/2008)

Every girl wants a guy

who hugs her when they're watching a scary or romantic movie,

who gives her his jacket even when he himself is feeling cold,

who will always be the one to make her laugh,

most importantly he will love her for who she is !

that guy is what google calls "no result found" ..!! :) :d

(by adeola oloyede at 20/02/2011)

For our love to prosper lets keep it simple.lets cherish simple things in our relationship,smiles,hugs and kisses

(by aisha at 16/11/2010)

I already knew that i love you but why do i keep falling for you all over again...

(by andrea at 13/09/2010)

What shall i give in exchange to your love, what shall i give to thank you for all your truthfulness, kindness, caring, honestly and faithfulness, I surrender my heart to you please handle it with care. I love you take care. To blessing my sweet angel.

(by Casmir Nwakanma at 25/11/2009)